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Safe & discretion WOW!
As a woman discreetion and confidentiality is most important. Your site is really wonderful aprt from the other uses given on site. I really like the “Request Manual Profile Review” and the “Report Abusive Message” features of your site. You really safe lol!!@3 Its gives me a feeling of safty and that my identity is intact. When I first came on your site I saw my husbands’ picture and account here. I signed up and it has been 5 months my hubby has yet not found out that I am also on the site SSSHH!, I cannot ask for more discretion and confidentiality.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, my X Factor is fulfilled
I nver realized what my X Factor was. This site helped me find out the missing X Factor in my life. I was so tired and bored of my exsting boyfriend@### but never realized it till I joined your site. Thanks for helping me discover my X Factor and now I have a new boy friend and we both are very happy with each other. THNK yu X thing!

Wow what a site
Hi AXD, I love that AXD thing guys. First of all thnks a lot for a fre dating site. I joined to the site to find a man for sex and to my surprise over the period of time I realized that my sex partner is eligible to be my life partner. Wow what guys here!)))

Thanks a million for this wonderful site. If it was not you guys we would have never met.

I just visited your site today and saw the new look - it's great!!

I've used your site for over 5 months and have made a couple of great friends thru it.

Please accept my thanks, as well as my best wishes for continued success of your site - it's fantastic!!


Hi...X Factor!!!!!
Adult X Dating is a safe, anonymus, fun way to meet sexy guys. You can be in control. You can also get to know a person "from the inside out" so-to-speak, without the physical thing getting in the way. <_**> Besides getting dates from this personals service, I've also met and stayed in touch with a lot of new friends in my Friends’ Club:-)

it's a great way to break the ice! BIG Tx!!!!!

Thanks for a site with eyes and ears
Hey you….. all at the adultxdating team I wanted to thnk you for a site with eyes and ears. Even though a free site… your support and customer service response is excellent. What I really love about your site is the fact that you see what we write to you and you listen to our requirements. You guys understand what we are asking and you change your software and systems so that our needs and requirements can be accommodated. You guys really have a site with eyes and ears which is hard to find on the internet. I am proud to be a adultxdating community member.
Thnks adultxdating! WOW BABE##
The trouble is that I just didn't have time to reserch all the datin sites out there. I came to adultxdating on the recommendation of a friend who sent me an invitation email to join her club on this site. After spendng 15 minutes or of luk around I easily figured out that, adultxdating was able to narrow it down for me. I found this charming lady here and we went on from there, after a month we realized that we were made for each other. Things couldn't be better, and I would have most likely never found her without your help. My etrnal thanks!!


love your site and the my Friends’ Club here !O!
Hi adultXdating, I would like to thank you for this wonderful site. I found some hot dates from this site. Your Friends’ Club part is really wonderful. Now I have all of my friends from myspace,, in my adultxdating friends club. Wow its so easy to keep in touch with everyone from a single site. Thanks a lot for those automated tools that you guys provided for importing all my friends in here.

C heers!!!!!!!!!!

I like this one stop site for all adults J
What I really like about this site is that it’s for anyone and everyone who is an adutl. One could find love or a discreet relationship or a casual sex encounter or make lots of friendz. Most of the dating and related sites out there are focusing on just one thing where as you guys are smart to have covered it all under one roof. That makes life so easy for me lol!@@, now I can make lots of friends and at the same time find someone to fulfil my fantasy all in 1 site. Thanks for the wonderful site.

Thanks for saving our marriage
After 10 years of marriage we realized that our sex life had gone boring and we thought of getting on to the swingers scene. Not sure when and how to start, that’s when we found your site and its chnged our lives for ever. We both are now so much charged having sex with other coupls and still love each other. This site has brought of us closer because we realized after going with a few couples of our likes@##, the problem was not related to lack of love between me and Jasmin,….needed new thing!!!. The problem was with our sex life gone sour and now after meeting other couples from your site its gone sweet again. Our sex lives have improved so much after swinging that just feel as if we are newly married. Fresh libido MAN!!
What Babe!
Internet is great. Discreet dating is fun and exciting. I found me a babe – sweet one . It is all fun here. Lots of hot sex encounters and highly erotic intimacy. Best sex adventure I had ever. Thnx AXD Hornyman
Loud Mouth me in serious relationship. Unbelviable dating for so long and now *&* the guy from this site~!~! Matchmaking is fun when it delivers. We are doing fine and in LOVE~!!!! Lol
A lot!! And thanks again and again a thousand times. What beagn as a discreet affair become online fun and now we are together in real. LOL! Thnk u this site for great fun I ma having ~1`1~!~! You are a gem that shines. Ha me poetic!!!!

New Beginning
I was serching and searching and had given up all hopes . then one day I receved a invitation to this siet and it shuk me from inside na till this day whne I look a albert wow it shakes. I love you guys for making my life..@#!$...thnx misslotto
Big one this here
I do not know how intimate it can get…not greter than what I am experiencing . It is a big one this here. In midst of the mileu a great heart throbbing encounter that blow your top off the rocker.

All cute affair
Discreet and wonnerful relationship. I WANT TO THNK U AdultXDating~~~~~I love it here. It is a warm and friendly site that delivers what it promises.

ThnX and many times
You have united two lonely hearts
I hav 2 sons and am lonely since my wife died two yrs back. Someone suggested me this site. I met Lizzy after a week of search. Life is good since then. Thanks to this site…you have united two lonely hearts..God Bless!

Bored Dead
We were bored to death coupel looking for playmates. We landed here and now we hav max n Miranda and many more to com. It is great swinging and quiet discreet. No problems with peeping toms and public tongues.

Life is a cake now
Been on this site for 2 months met many interesting people and will meet more. Life is a cake nowe ~!~!~! I have many messages left to attend see youlater guys
Meet Adrian
Love an romance with Adrian #@333 Feels great. It is fun dating service with free personals that speak so loud my heart throbs with sexcitement. Well I am booked for now may be long term affair or permenant!@!@WHO KNOWS

Swing wid us
Hot fun n sex thrugh this dating service. It fun to enjoy things in company. Do it together the more the merrier and psssssst more keep coming. It is never ending as we see new faces every day seeking us and many online.
HotGreat letme sex-u…great fun meeting silver daddies here. It is hot sex and romance with my sweet guy. It is good I found him we get along so well. He is the hottest bottom I have ever met. I LUV him. Thanks you site owners there.
Lost n lonely
Was! Thnx adultxdatingx……thing~!~!~ You found me met real sweet jewel that has no fuss and is fun to be with. Soon we will tie in the bond. It is great and bright future that has come as miracle for us.
YOU BRING people together
I am 50+ and divorced and lonely I had given up..til I surfed on to your dating site ..I hav someone special now. A great companion for life and a precious support (for both). We are an extended family my kids and his. YOU BRING people together GreAt Work!

Great thanks n thanks

Wild fun
Ur site offers sexy dating @#@ lots of hot stuff for my`~!~!
Discreet dating is fun……I am a mother of one……..Met someone it is all over now…I have lasting relief. More will come quietly and secretly intomy lovelife for intimate encounters. It is very safe and secure here. Like an online home on Internet.

Thank you AXD
Yuu got me in personals
Yep me live met few and still seeking for a big one. Best relationship and online personals site that I have seen for matchmaking and findinglove and playmates. Glen an old pal told me about your site thing and I registered for good.
Great matchmaking
I am a love guy. Met Linda thanks 2 you.. She is just the type and big beautiful women a jumping doll that has lots of…We party a lot and go campning in the woods. On Saturdays it is dining and OOoHH!

Discreet Fun
Some hot fun….you got me. Need be discreet it is good and fun no peeping eyes at me. No I like it at all – saves my privacy. Boy do I louve boppers. Yes I do and there are so many here. I can not resist . Thank you dating site. I like it baby. I do!!!
Your site overcame my problem
SomeI am a shy girl could not make a match as iw as too firgtened to talk. But courage and your site overcame my problem and now I have Gerard with me. And we both Coo! It is fun weekends when he drives down from York and we walk along the pathway hodling hands..

Guys at AXD Community
For rimmings or hot hook up get on to this site like @# I did and me and old daddy gel. It is all here big daddies, muscles boy you just search and yo u get for they all want on this other personals. It is hot! Hot ! n hot!

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