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  1. photo of curiousrachel24, Women


    29, Women, West Yorkshire, england Within 10km of Kirklees

    Hi, i am a genuine, talkive, friendly, bubbly, honest, fun, shy girl, i am 4 ft 9 with long blonde and red hair, green hazel eyes, wear glasses and med build size 14/16.
    Looking Description: I am looking for any women age 24-40 from w.sussex area, who would be willing to show me a good time and maybe teach me a few new things...

  2. photo of xxxJOHNxxx, Men


    29, Men, West Yorkshire, england Within 10km of Kirklees

    I donít know what to put. I am 5ft 8, dark hair, and so I have been told sexy brown come to bed eyes. I have a 44 chest and a 30 waist and I am fit for my age and have the stamina lol makes me sound ancient? I believe pleasure comes from pleasing and I donít have complaints about my abilities to please. Unless you count the 17 year old when I was 13, ďwell I was 13 what do you expectĒ or the time I tried it in the back of a car, ďyeah right contortionist or what!Ē John shut the F up,,, ok lol or i could put this Hey I am just a normal guy, but then again when is any guy normal. Tee Hee I just want whatís best for my heart! Donít we all? I just want to love and be loved in return. Donít we all? I just want truth and understanding, Donít We all? But sometimes just sometimes, what u want isnít always what u get, what u get isnít always what u need, what u need isnít always what u have, what u have isnít always what u want. I am an extrovert person but sometimes I can be terribly shy? Cant us all? I want to make your dreams come true, but to do this you must be able to make mine too! I want to give you what you yearn for in a relationship, but again you must be able to return the same. I am a very direct person and if I donít like somebody or something somebody does I will tell them, for life is too short to allow Idiots to take control, yet sometimes I say nothing at all. I am a tactile person and enjoy how tactility confirms the strength of the relationship, yet sometimes I donít want to be touched. Sometimes it is nice to walk hand in hand down the road, sometimes it is nice to cuddle up in front of the television and feel secure, yes secure in the arms of your loved one. I am not a rich man, my divorce and the debts incurred made sure of that? However I am in the process of ensuring my future becomes secure by putting the work into the present. as the optimist always says, third time lucky, and boy am I lucky! My looks are irrelevant, for what one person finds hot, another finds ugly, so how can I describe myself without being contradicted by others. I want to caress your heart and brain, I want to make you fall in love with the person I am, the person inside not the wrapping on the box. I am considered great to put on your arm and you would be proud to walk down the street with material but again that depends upon your interpretation of beauty. Dark hair, brown eyes Mediterranean looking, you work It out! I enjoy what most people enjoy, the ability to interact within social environments with the one you love. This is me! I am here for you if you want, but hurry for I may not be here that long lol. You just have to use the right fishing rod, because I am a great catch, but then again some people dont like fish, and a lot of women hate fishing because they always seem to catch the sharks, lol Anybody can turn from a loser into winner Anybody can turn from a fighter into lover Anybody can turn from insecure introverted person into a self confident extroverted winner. You can turn from a person who does not believe in themselves into a go getter. It is quite simple. Everything you have ever dreamed is attainable; the only thing stopping you being a great figure is your mental rejection of your skills and abilities to become that great figure. You can easily turn yourself from what you are into what you want to be. So, are you always being passed up for that promotion? Are you always in the kitchen at parties? Or do you never get invited to parties? Do you struggle to make new friends? Do you feel lonely? Are you lacking in self confidence? Are you an under achiever! Do you wish you could be more like your friends? Do you wish you had the confidence to be able to chat to the opposite sex? Are you afraid of rejection? Whatever you want is achievable, The first step is always the most difficult step to take, but unless you take it you will never climb the pyramid to the top. Fact, The only person that can make you feel inferior IS YOU! You do not overcome another personís uncertainty by being uncertain about yourself; you overcome it by being totally certain that being with you is the best possible choice anybody can make. You never know what physical type a woman or man will go for, so donít assume they will not like you instantly! You can never tell unless you approach that person and until you approach them you will never know. Never attach excess meaning to being accepted or rejected! for you never get rejected or accepted, you only discover if a lady or man has good taste. Believe in YOU! and YOU will go a long way!!

  3. photo of elijah, Men


    23, Men, West Yorkshire, england Within 10km of Kirklees

    Hi, im about 5ft 8, brown hair, blue eyes, slim muscular build........................send me a message and i'll get back to you with photos etc.
    Looking Description: Im looking for a sexy horny female who is up for some no strings fun with a horny male!.........................................

  4. photo of jon4673jon, Men


    31, Men, West Yorkshire, england Within 10km of Kirklees

    im 33 6ft brown hair sporty build and i love to have fun.
    Looking Description: tall leggy blondes in thigh length boots with a no holds barred attitude to sex.

  5. photo of corsetbabe, Women


    25, Women, West Yorkshire, england Within 10km of Kirklees

    I'm a single woman, I'm into most things and will always try anything once! I love anything leather and I love corsets. !
    Looking Description: I'd like to meet a guy with an open mind! I want to meet someone who is looking for more than a fling and who knows the values of a real relationship.

  6. photo of easytiger9000, Men


    28, Men, West Yorkshire, england Within 10km of Kirklees

    im a very fun and outgoing person looking for some good fun hope you can help me so please get in touch asap lol
    Looking Description: looking for someone who knows how to have some fun and is up for a laugh hope some of the sexy women on here get in touch